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By all accounts three time top 5 Billboard Chart Topping indie recording artist Deepa Soul is about to give the music industry a big bang for Funk, Rock and Soul Music. While she has enjoyed great success in the genres of House Music and EDM, now she is ready to unleash her musicianship as an instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, composer and producer.


Not only is Deepa Soul a tour de force as a multi-talented artist, she is a visionary and a staunch advocate for Equality. She is the CEO and Chairwoman of OUTmusic - The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA). She has increased the opportunities for out and proud LGBTQ recording artists by dedicating her life work to build the OUTmusic Awards (OMAs) the biggest night in LGBT music and entertainment. This is the premiere platform dedicated to creating an equivalent LGBT presence in the media, music and entertainment industry.


2016 is promising to be a banner year for  Deepa Soul as she embarks on her television production debut as the Executive Producer of the OUTmusic Awards with a Docu-Series Reality TV show "Diva2CEO" that follows her and her core team of producers as they move the OMAs to Hollywood and into mainstream culture. She will also release her first full length album "Creole Woman" that is sure to take listeners on an amazing musical journey. Deepa Soull will introduce her 14 piece Soul Orchestra featuring top music industry luminares to the world when she records her debut album LIVE in front of a studio audience.


"I took the road less traveled by refusing to conform or be a part of perpetuating the stigma associated with being openly gay in the music industry. When I was offered the opportunity to sign a "major" record deal (HA!) I walked away because it was suggested that I consider going in the closet. I knew that one day I would be able to sing my authentic feelings through my music and that there would be a platform that would fully celebrate me in my authentic expression," Deepa Soul says. "I never thought it would be ME who was crazy enough to believe I could CHANGE the music industry by actually building the platform LoL."




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