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Jakiem Swinger is not the typical MC vying for the coveted status of the next big thing. Ja Biggs is a refreshing exception because he gained his notoriety using education as his platform.


Inspired by his favorite artists at 15 he relied on his faith and intense inner strength to become a passionate wordsmith with a love for powerful storytelling. "Before I knew it, I had stacks of notebooks filled with rhymes and observations." says Ja Biggs Without a DJ or producer to provide beats, he learned how to create music and from then on Ja biggs has been constantly creating new music and lyrics. His swagger is soulful with lyrics that touch on his upbringing in New York, to his hopeful vision for his impoverished drug infested community.


Upon graduating with high honors from St. Joseph University as Magna Cum Laude, Ja Biggs set his site on releasing his first record breaking hit single "Ladies" on KOCH Distribution  (now eONE Entertainment). His mission is to change up the misogynistic lyrics many male rappers spit about women. His debut album "Star Power" was released on Famous Record Label and distributed by UNIVERSAL MUSIC sold over 80,000 copies.


Ja Biggs is the first recording artist signed to the new Hot Trackz Entertainmet Label. His sudden christening by industry veteran BornJus sent shock waves through the streets and Ja Biggs swiftly refuted the doubts of naysayers when he dropped his recent mixtape "It Feels Like Yesterday". This mixtape is a personal journey that encompasses Ja Biggs as a person and an MC. His mixtape coveted him a featured guest verse on Hip-Hop icon Phife Dawg's (A Tribe Called Quest) "Riddim Kidz Late Night Sessions".


Ja Biggs is also a producer and has produced songs that appear on television soundtracks. His songs have been featured on "The Bad Girls Club" and "The Kardasians go to Miami and a host of others. 


His current hit single i.f.l.y 2 is out now on stay tuned for his NBA Tribute single that's catching a strong buzz on radio.




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